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Dancer Reika Profile


Reika studied modern dance under Ms. Harumi Ishii and

Mr. Jun Midorikawa. Also, she was taught pantomime by

Ms. Mamako Yoneyama and learned modern jazz at Alvin

Ailey Company.

In addition, she mastered some different

kinds of ethnic dances.


A prize winning work: TSUNAMI, united of Asia


She established the original world called the physical expression,

“Reika Body Expression” and “Moving Art”.



She collaborated some projects with artists from overseas, calligraphers, The Platters, Mahka Tendo, and Shoko Kanazawa.

She produced more than 30 works.



She worked original performances in each European city.

 ◇A master piece, Moving Art “Mangekyo” (Production・A leading role)

 ◇Moving Art integrated Asian culture “united of Asia”(Production・A leading role)

 ◇Moving Art “Japonism”


★ Reika’s original program expressing paintings

She completed a Moving Art, “Guernica” drawn by Pablo Picasso.

Also, She took part in the project called “Dance Art Therapy” which featured the theme of pictures drawn by Johannes Vermeer and Gustav Klimt.

It was adopted as a part with British education project.

Then, she received a high evaluation.


★ At Stratford Shakespeare Center

She appeared as a Japanese soloist in the oldest festival in England.


★She performed Moving Art “Tenbu” (Production・A leading role) at Kaunas culture center in Lietuvos Respublika and Samogitia Japanese Garden which is the largest Japanese garden in Europe.

Also, she gave her successful performance in commemoration of Chiune Sugihara at Kaunas culture center.


★ Japan is elected for Teatr Wielki - Opera Narodowa "The third international ballet & modern dance festival".

Netherlands national ballet and Pina Bausch’s work participated in the festival. She appeared as a main dancer, and did a Moving Art “Mangekyo” on this occasion. One of Polish daily newspapers or specialized magazines wrote articles about her dance.


Now, Reika is working on her dance not only domestically, but also overseas, especially Europe.

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